The Week One Effect

Week 1 features unparalleled figures from the world’s major buyers in search of future champions.

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Fireworks during Keeneland Week 1

Keeneland September Week 1 Dominates North American Yearling Sales


Year after year, sellers showcase the cream of the North American yearling crop on this world stage, driving gross sales to heights not experienced anywhere else in the world.  In 2020, Week 1 accounted for 64% of the total gross sales for Keeneland September and 43% of gross sales for all North American sales companies.  

It’s been a busy sale for us. Keeneland assembled a great group of horses here, and good horses are hard to buy.
Tom Ryan of SF Bloodstock

Over the last 3 years, September Week One has accounted for 50% of the total gross of all yearlings sold at North American Sales.


Keeneland September Week 1 Gross Sales

Year KEE SEPT Week 1 Gross KEE SEPT Gross Week 1 Percentage of KEE SEPT Gross
2020 $160,583,000 $248,978,700 64%
2019 $257,998,000 $372,348,400 69%
2018 $303,916,700 $387,645,900 78%
TOTAL $722,497,700 $1,008,973,000
A lot of buyers here paying a lot of money for good horses.
Larry Best, OXO Equine