The Keeneland September

Frequently Asked Questions


If I win a Grade 1 at two and three, will I earn rewards in two calendar years?

This scenario only occurs should you win a Grade 1 at Keeneland. For example, if your first Grade 1 win occurs at Del Mar at two, and your second at Keeneland as a three-year-old, you would earn a total of three bonus rewards over the course of the horse’s campaign. This is also possible should you win a Keeneland Grade 1 at two and three.

What Grade 1 events are included?

A Grade 1 win in the following approved countries at age two or three qualifies: United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, United Arab Emirates. The Toyota Blue Grass (G2) at Keeneland is also eligible for the Book 1 Bonus.

Do I earn a share in rewards for each Grade 1 win?

Bonus rewards are per horse for the first worldwide Grade 1 win in a calendar year. Bonus rewards can be earned for additional Grade 1 wins at Keeneland, up to four total bonus rewards lifetime or $500,000 per horse each year.

Do I earn rewards if my yearling was an RNA?

Rewards only apply to those horses who sold at Keeneland September Book 1 from 2017 onward. This includes private sales that Keeneland managed. RNAs are not included.

Reward Payouts

What is the maximum amount paid out in rewards?

A horse may be eligible for up to $500,000 in rewards each calendar year, divided at the designated percentage between the seller and current owner.

How do the reward percentages differ between a seller and owner?

A “seller” is designated as the owner of record at the time of sale at Keeneland September. An “owner” is the horse’s current racing ownership entity. In the event of a Grade 1 win at Keeneland, the seller will receive 40% of the rewards payout and the owner will receive 60%. In the event of a non-Keeneland Grade 1 win, the seller will receive 60% of the rewards payout and the owner will receive 40%.

If rewards are capped at $500,000 per horse, how will this be distributed?

Preference is given in chronological order based on the first Grade 1 win, following in chronological order until the $500,000 threshold is reached.

Does the pool amount apply to the year of racing or year of sale?

The pool amount applies to the year in which the horse is racing. Rewards run on an annual calendar basis, from January through December.

How do the Keeneland bonus rewards work?

A graduate will earn 1 bonus in the event of their first Grade 1 win worldwide. If a Grade 1 win occurs at Keeneland, the graduate will earn two bonus rewards. Rewards are earned for a maximum of two Keeneland Grade 1 wins, with a maximum of four total bonus rewards lifetime or $500,000 per horse per year.

If I win more than one Grade 1, will I continue to accumulate rewards?

A horse will earn 1 bonus reward on the first Grade 1 win worldwide. Subsequent bonus rewards may be earned only in the event that the win occurs at Keeneland.


When will the rewards be paid out?

Rewards will be paid out to recipients the following September, in a celebration directly before the September Yearling Sale.