The Keeneland September

Producing more Grade 1 winners than all other North American sales companies combined, Keeneland September represents success at the highest level. In celebration and acknowledgement of buying, selling and racing the best horses in the world, Keeneland offers a lucrative rewards program to sellers and owners of Book 1 graduates.

How it works

1. Sell or Buy in Book 1

Sell or purchase a yearling from Keeneland September Book 1.

2. Win a Grade or Group 1 Race

Book 1 yearling wins a Grade or Group 1 race during their two and/or three-year-old campaign.

3. Earn Rewards

Sellers and Owners (at the time of racing) receive lucrative cash rewards from a Keeneland Book 1 Bonus Pool. Rewards are doubled when a Book 1 Graduate wins a race at Keeneland.

Book 1 Bonus Pool

Year 1 (2018)


Rewards Pool for 2017 September Book 1 Graduates

Year 2 (2019)


Rewards Pool for 2017 and 2018 September Book 1 Graduates

Earning Rewards

A graduate will receive a bonus reward towards that year’s rewards pool for their first Grade 1 win as a two- or three-year-old. A Grade 1 win at Keeneland will result in two bonus rewards.

  • Win your first Worldwide Grade 1 – Receive 1 bonus
  • Win a Keeneland Grade 1 – Receive 2 bonuses
  • Win a Worldwide Grade 1, then a Keeneland Grad 1 - Receive 3 bonuses
  • Win two Keeneland Grade 1s - Receive 4 bonuses

Bonus rewards for a single graduate are capped at 4 lifetime.


A "seller" is designated as the owner of record at the time of sale at Keeneland September. An “owner” is the horse’s current racing ownership entity.

Bonus payouts will be divided among the yearling’s seller and current owner at the following rates:

  • Worldwide Grade 1 Win - 60% awarded to seller and 40% to current owner
  • Keeneland Grade 1 Win - 40% awarded to seller and 60% to current owner